A Civilian

Rarey's Letter: March 26, 1944.
Do you know, Betty Lou, that Damon will be the only member of the second generation in the 379th Fighter Squadron? I hope he feels his responsibility - I suppose we could consider him in pre-flight. Wait 'till he gets his wings. Seriously tho', Betty Lou, I hope our child has a chance to contribute his two-centsā worth of light and color to this battered old world without being swept up in one of these mechanized free-for-alls. This war seems incidental because it's already started and has begun to exhaust itself. The vital thing is to get and keep the Goddamn thing straightened out long enough for all the little Damons to come to bat - not with two strikes on them, but with a clear field. They'll have the intelligence to keep things in order. We'll teach them. Hadn't noticed that I was winding up in a sermon - fo'give me.

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