The Arrival of Damon Rarey

Rarey's Letter: March 28, 1944.
May I compliment you, Madame, on your wonderful courage. You carried the whole thing off beautifully - as we Englandicized Anglo-Saxons say, "Good show, my deah, cheahs!" I mean it, Betty Lou. I'm awfully proud of you...Now I'm in possession of a few facts - 8 pounds, 6 ounces - what a man! What a husky little brute! That's fine. Wish I could have done something to help - I hope you had an easy time of it...We chipped in some hogs and Gator Kline flew up to Scotland to get us some scotch. They didn't have any so he brought back 36 quarts of rum in his belly tank (no foolin').
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