Escape and Evasion

Jim Ashford (continued):
We could "steal" any type of transportation available. The local Home Guard was alerted and would try to "capture" us. In addition, all of the enlisted men, something over a thousand, were stationed around the base perimeter to prevent us from reaching our goal. I believe they were promised extra passes, beer, or similar prizes for each pilot they managed to catch. My partner was Ken Kitts (later the first of the 379th to be killed in action). We managed to steal a small British Army pickup-like truck from an open storage area. After some time we managed to locate ourselves on the map, not an easy task at all as all English road signs and village/town names had long ago been taken down or obliterated as much as possible to confuse any invading forces. With the disguise of a British truck we thought we might bluff our way through the gate and onto the base. No such luck - we were nailed at the gate! I don't think any of the pilots made it within the established deadline.
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