Laughter and Tears

A Combat Pilot's Sketchbook of World War II Squadron Life

By Captain George Rarey, USAAF

Edited by Damon Rarey
In August 1996 my mother and I finally brought together my father's drawings in a hard-cover book, titled "Laughter and Tears."

This "coffee-table" book has 208 pages and is bound like a pilot's logbook - in simulated leather with silver-embossed pilot's wings on the cover and colored Rareybird endpapers. 135 of Rarey's wartime drawings are annotated with excerpts from his letters, my mother's memoirs, and the comments of the surviving pilots of the 379th Fighter Squadron - just as on the web site, but with a lot more drawings and words. Actually, Laughter and Tears came about as a result of this web site. It may be the first book resulting directly from a web site (other than books about the web).

Andy Rooney called the book "very well edited" and Charles Schulz (creator of Peanuts) said "There is no doubt in my mind that he [Rarey] would have contributed much to our profession if he had lived."

We had 2000 copies printed.

-- Damon Rarey

Note from Linda Rarey:
The book is now completely sold out and out of print. Copies of the book can be found on Amazon and through online used book dealers.