In Memoriam

In 1994 we began a food, beverage, and travel website named Sally's Place. Stan found Damon while searching on the Web. We met Damon at our office in Marin and we all decided Damon would draw an adventure series comic strip for Sally's Place. At that time, there was not much like that available online. He added to the continuing stories often and readers waited for the new drawings to be posted. And so, we got to know Damon and enjoy not only his work, but also his personality.

To Linda and the kids -- we too will miss Damon. It was a pleasure to have known him.

Sally Bernstein

As gentle as Damon was in real life, he could zoom about the creative landscape as if he were a jet pilot at the controls. Damon created all of the Stanimals in one month. A rare feat, indeed, to establish an entire group of characters to complement the words of an author.

Stanley Bernstein