In Memoriam

Damon Rarey
March 18, 1944 - December 15, 2002

Damon touched many people during his lifetime. This page is a collection of impressions from some of them...

  • Betty Lou Kratoville, Damon's mother, shares some early memories (with photo).

  • Courtney Flavin, his sister, recollects younger days (with photo).

  • Barry Hicks posted a tribute with photos [exterior website].

  • Dick Shoup recalls their pioneering work in computer graphics in his eulogy. Plus these images: Emmy (1983), self-portrait, and a series of Christmas cards.

  • Dave Manley remembers a favorite joke.

  • Vic Jorgensen appreciated Damon's generosity.

  • Elaine Kalantarian shares a couple recent photos: lunching and drawing.

  • Farrukh Khan recalls their first meeting.

  • Sally & Stanley Bernstein worked with Damon on the Web.

  • Susan Perko experienced some important connections.

  • Portrait of a proud Grandpa.

  • Simon Pickhaver was profoundly moved.

  • Michael Kalantarian remembers a friend.

  • Tim Flavin, Damon's little brother, recalls their last days together.

  • Linda Fraley learned more about Damon at his memorial.

  • Dave & Jeanette Shannon discovered him online.

  • Bill Shackson shares childhood memories (with photo).

  • Jerry Behling relates some adventures in hitchiking.

  • Sandy Blount remembers Damon of the sixties.

  • Matthew Kratoville writes to his older brother.

  • Marshal Dean was in the same cadet class as Damon's father.

  • Paul Gentry, a cousin, shares some correspondence.

  • Robert Doty's father served with Damon's dad.

This memorial is a work in progress. If you have memories of Damon you wish to share, please send email to