In Memoriam

Hi, this is Linda Fraley. I want Damon's family to know how much we appreciated the memorial service for Damon.

I saw people I lived with in medical school and others I met with weekly twenty plus years ago for the first time in a long while. I learned about "his most influential man" answer to the Yale application from a Yalie roomie. I also liked the story of being "unable to keep his appointment with the Dean". I learned that he liked to climb trees and run through fields all day from his nine year old playmate. I heard how he helped launch people into the computer graphic field.

I knew him after the goat and around the time of his marriage to Linda. I watched them bring Jessica home. He was the guy next door who did astounding things with a computer. He was a guy who laughed at all my stories. I knew him when he was lithe and looked like Jimmy V.

I think the story of his father and his collaboration with his mother and the men of his father's corp to produce "Laughter and Tears" was wonderful. I made the trek to Villiers Bocage to the Black Virgin which hovers over the monument to his father's memorial in that town. (Chirac jokes notwithstanding, the French do have a lot of memorials to fallen soldiers preserved.)

I slathered over his paperback collection, especially the John O'Haras. He loved it when the most lurid covers were to the dullest or most literary works.

People comment over and over about his ebullience and generosity. He said "I have received" in his closing days. He received because he was receptive. He was curious and his mother nurtured that.

I do disagree with him about his review of "The English Patient" but then I like Dafoe and earlier Fiennes.

I hope to read more from others on this website.

Linda Fraley