In Memoriam

I came to work for Aurora as a young engineer fresh out of school with not much real world experience, far far away from home and trying to make sense of it all. I learned about the history of Aurora and how is was co-founded by Damon. I had in my mind that Damon would be really hard talking, agressive executive who likes to see results yesterday.

Then I met Damon and it was a complete anti-climax. He was one of the most kind and soft spoken persons I have ever met in my whole life. His bearded face trying to conceal an ever-present smile, his soft voice and his encouraging attitude gave me the feeling of a father-figure who is always there for you whenever you get in trouble. I felt that I could always consult with him on any of life's problems. I could discuss any of the issues with him whether they are technical, artistic or social in nature. He was never discouraging and always had a very open view on things. My own father was the same way and so Damon, for me, was the father away from home. My own father passed away in Feb 1999. Now I feel like I have lost another father. I just wish I could have talked to him one more time.

May God give Damon's soul the best in the paradise and may his soul rest in peace forever.


Farrukh Khan