In Memoriam

I only knew Damon through a couple emails we sent to each other. Through our brief correspondence, I learned what a warm and generous person he was.

Allow me to explain our connection: Damon's father, George Rarey was my great uncle. I am the grandson of Frantz Rarey, one of George's brothers. While visiting with my grandparents during my youth, I remember reading over a pamphlet of sorts of George's WWII illustrations and hearing stories about what an amazing person he was. George's death must had a big impact on my grandfather...he named his only son George.

Below I've included some of the brief correspondence I had with Damon:


Dear Damon

George Rarey is my great uncle. I am the grandson of Frantz William Rarey, one of George's brothers. My Grandmother, Gail, has on occasion, pulled out a small book of George's works about his WWII experiences.

I found your website through Microsoft's "Combat Flight Simulator, WWII-Europe Series" Game manual. They have a small tribute to George on the first few pages of the manual. My heart skipped a beat as I read about my great uncle. All I have to say is wow! I had no idea how publicized this was. In these trying times, I hope everyone remembers the sacrifices our loved ones made ensuring our country's freedom.

Your Cousin,
Paul Gentry

ps-how can I obtain a copy of George's works?



All you have to do is wait about a week.

All the best,


Thank you! Please let me know how much I owe you.



Damon of course insisted that I owed him nothing. He said I got the "family discount". The book he put together is truly a labor of love that I shall cherish forever. As I'm sure you all know, Rareys have an uncommon zeal for life...and they make all our lives here on earth much more interesting and fun. I hope we all pass on some of that spirit to future generations.

Damon, I hardly knew you, but consider myself richer for the generosity and love for family that you shared with me. Thanks to you, I know more about my Great Uncle George than I ever would have...and I got to meet you in the process.

Kyrie eleison,

Paul Gentry