In Memoriam

What can be said about Damon that we all have not felt at one time or another. He touched so many people. I never heard an unkind word said about him. First he was my mentor; he then became my good friend. Meeting this man, working with him and getting to know him has influenced and impacted my direction in life like no other. It was because of his Aurora training at CNN in '84 that set me on the path that is now my career.

His humor, kindness, and demeanor are what many will remember most but what separated Damon from the rest was his tireless unselfish dedication to train, nurture, and work with young upcoming talented people and see to it that they were equipped with what it takes to be successful. He had a gift.

I had a chance to speak with Linda his wife last week and she held the phone to his ear so I could speak to him. He could not verbally respond but she said he could with slight movements. It is alarming that something so remote and devastating could happen to someone we care about so much, and so quickly. I agree with Barry, if we all carry a little bit of Damon's spirit forward in our everyday lives, the world will be a better place. We will miss Damon Rarey but I believe he is in a better place and I'll bet he now has them laughing too.

My favorite Damon joke: What did the snail say that was riding on the back of the turtle? Answer: WHEE!

Dave Manley